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My HeartPaths was born out of a passion for writing and storytelling. I think this passion was passed down through my genes from my Pops who loved to write. It seemed that he just couldn't stop. His passion turned into pages! And more pages! He wrote on the back of any piece of paper that had a blank side.... or a blank space!  I have many of those papers today. But I've digressed. We writers tend to do that you know... go down rabbit trails as we travel along the path.

Borrowing an introductory phrase from a column that I co-authored with my sister many years ago, "I may choose to hang the rules of grammar and write  in my personal family hillbilly dialect".  That is where my heritage is, in everyday lives of the people in these hills and 'hollers' of West Virginia and in the words we speak. It was in one such 'holler' where I grew up.  Born the second daughter to Pops, who was the youngest son of Baptist preacher Rev. W.W. Jennings and his wife Josephine of Wirt County and Momma, who was the oldest daughter of Gilmer County farmer and countryman J.G. Weaver and his wife Delphia.  I grew up in the West Virginia hills.  Going barefoot to play in the creek stream with tadpoles, crawdads and croaking frogs was one of my favorite places to be. Or late in the evenings when Grandma, Momma, Auntie or my uncles carried the kitchen chairs out in the yard just before dusk to sit and enjoy the cool evening air while the house cooled down after cooking supper.  I would run around the yard catching lightning bugs and hurriedly take them to whoever was holding a glass jar with a lid punched full of holes for air, dropping them into the jar.  Then off again I ran to catch more. This catch and drop into jar cycle would be repeated until darkness fell along with the gathering dew on the grass and we had an old fashioned fireworks display in a quart jar.  Good times at a very young and tender age!  

Life is a series of paths, each leading to different experiences, situations, detours and pauses before reaching our destination of crossing the finish line. This platform is created as a place to share stories with hope to inspire, guide or simply a place to be understood. From time to time I may include guest writers who will bring their own uniquely flavored stories to the table. I believe that by sharing our own heart's paths, we can help light the way for others.

I hope to never offend anyone but as an old saying goes, "He who cares not about the praisers or about the fault finders has peace of mind."
Come along with me on this journey.  I hope you enjoy! 

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Steven Sawtelle
9 days ago

Love your website. Keep this going!!